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Download Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame Mod Apk

Prince of Persia Shadow Flame Apk. If you like to play Arcade games, you probably heard the name Prince of Persia Highly Compressed android/Pc. If you’re looking for Prince of Persia for Free with Mod Apk or if you want the Hack Version of Prince of Persia with Unlimited Gems, Money and Gold, then you are here at the correct place; in this article, we will share the information of the game with Latest Mod. Prince of Persia was published in 1989, and Jordan Mechner created the game. The game is a 2D platform.

Gameplay of Prince of Persia Shadow Flame Free Download

Prince of Persia Shadow Flame Apk story in the first entry in the series is very simple. With the sultan off to fight a war, the sultan’s daughter is locked-up and to be executed in 1 hour precisely. The Prince, who serves as the game character, is in with the princess’s love and has been thrown into the prison of the palace. It’s your important and dangerous task to escape and fight your way to the Vizier. The real game Prince of Persia was incredibly successful and ported to virtually every PC system. The game is available in different languages: English, Italian, German, French, Japanese, Chines, Korean, Brazilian, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, and Arabic.

Prince of Persia Shadow Flame Mod Apk is a role-playing game where you play as the Prince. You will experience classic and fantastic gameplay by fighting with enemies, playing with magic, and more. Special magic in Prince of Persia is its magical powers and weapons. There are numerous weapons you can select from. As this is a picture-inspired game, weapons are swords. Each sword has a unique and different power with an expanded damage rate. The greater levels of sword you have, the more you will be able to finish the enemies rapidly.

Prince of Persia Shadow Flame is an energetic and exciting game. You will be obsessed with intense gameplay and its amazing graphics. Animation styles and beautiful sound make the gameplay even more enjoyable. You’ll require coins and money to unlock new swords. If you do not have a lot of coins, you can upgrade your current sword. But if you desire to purchase new things, you’ll require spending real money. 

Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame Highly Compressed For Pc/Android

To play Prince of Persia gameplay, you’ll need to follow the game’s storyline. However, the storyline of Prince of Persia is a little bit different from its adaptation. You’ll have to complete quests in the Mod Apk and complete all the levels to save the princess. While playing the Prince of Persia game, you’ll encounter different goblins, live demons, and skeletons. As you play Prince’s role in that game, you have to defeat all the evil demons that come in your path. There will be different paths in the game. To complete your gaming round, you have to select the right path. Not to forget, you must clear up your path. There will be different problems on your way, so you have to take care of them.

In the gameplay, there are 2 ways by which you can kill skeletons in your pathway. The first way is when the skeletons and evils are facing you. When that situation occurs, try to avoid this obstacle as much as possible because you have been to hit the skeletons many times to make them kill. Secondly, when the enemy faces the opposite, attack in such conditions rapidly as possible, you have to hit the skeletons once only, and all he’s dead. You can also perform some combo attacks by killing more than 1 skeleton simultaneously. You’ll enjoy killing your rivals if you have a perfect sword.

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Amazing Features of Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame Highly Compressed Pc Game: 

  • When you speak of graphics in every post, you majorly focus on the resolution and frame rates of the game.
  • So speaking about the resolution of Prince of Persia provides you a pretty decent 720p resolution.
  • As for the frame rates of Prince of Persia, you will see 35-45fps.
  • But the animations are so good The game has decent graphical quality.
  • To upgrade your weapons, coins are needed in the game.
  • If you die while completing and want to continue from that spot, you’ll need coins.
  • The make creator added an infinite amount of coins.
  • Spend as much as you want and desire.
  • It is one of the best and most impressive adventure games.
  • After the events of Prince of Persia, set in an era.
  • Got new & improved visuals
  • The game is very easy to control.
  • Got fourteen challenging levels
  • Got five states of the art environments
  • A new combat system was introduced in Prince of Persia.
  • The game is available in a lot of languages.
  • Unlimited Money, Gems, and Gold
  • This android game has fourteen levels.
  • The game has a different adventure.

Prince of Persia Shadow Flame Gameplay Screenshots

Prince of Persia Shadow Flame Apk
Prince of Persia Shadow Flame Apk

Requirements required for Prince of Persia Shadow Flame Apk Android:

  • Android version needed for the Install of this Game: 4.0.1
  • Your phone in RAM must be greater than one GB
  • Free Hard Disk Space Required “Greater Than one hundred and fifty MB.”
  • Internet connection is required for the downloading of Prince of Persia
  • Internet connection is not needed after downloading the game

How To Install Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame Video Game?

There are two methods to install Prince of Persia Mod Apk

How to Install Prince of Persia on your Device?

  • First of all, download Prince of Persia 
  • Now install the Prince of Persia by allowing “Unknown sources” in your android.
  • Now open the Prince of Persia Mod Apk.
  • That’s it; you have successfully installed Prince of Persia on your device.

How to Install Prince of Persia Highly Compressed on your PC/Laptop?

  • First of all, download & install Bluestack Android Emulator on your computer system.
  • Now, download Prince of Persian on your PC.
  • Install the mode Apk in your computer system by using Bluestack
  • Open the application and enjoy the hack features of the Prince of Persia.

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