Mafia 2 Highly Compressed [500 MB] Download For Pc

Mafia 2 Free Download For Pc

Mafia 2 Highly Compressed Pc Game is an action video game released in 2010 following the critically acclaimed third-person shooter. It boasts a gorgeously designed open world, cutting-edge virtual reality mechanics, and a complex storyline. Similar to the base of the first game, the story follows a new character Vito Scaletta, a military veteran who finds himself involved in the complex world of the Mafia as he struggles to pay off his father’s debts. His journey from the grassroots has been “man-made” to a criminal family filled with blood, betrayal, and the ever-present question of morality as he struggles to survive in the glorious city of Empire Bay.

Gameplay of Mafia 2 Download Pc Game

Mafia 2 Gameplay epicenter, the one-player game’s story lasted for several years, describing Vito Scaletta’s incident in a crime-ridden environment. Highly inspired by the iconic mafia drama films, the game has created an in-depth look at the reality of Mafia life and how its splendor will always come at a high price. Unfortunately, the foundation was immediately at odds with Grand Theft Auto IV in close resemblance to the characters. Still, Mafia II at least made sense of the 1940s mobster world atmosphere by praising its grown-up story.

Mafia 2 Free Download For Pc is known for its huge list of real guns and self-propelled vehicles available at its suspension. Mafia II is no different; it replaces many of the weapons of the previous game and adds new ones from the era of World War II. Even cars were a reality in the 1940s to the early 1950s in America, and actors were given a lot of freedom to customize as part of a show of the main character in life during the game. The only gripe you can do with this is that the melee weapons are unavailable, but the new feature of hiding things after shooting instead of shooting greatly improves the guns.

Mafia Download Highly Compressed had decided to design Empire Bay and its inhabitants to mingle with the silly drama that was taking place. It was created to be as accurate in its timing as possible. Unlike the immersion world of Grand Theft Auto, it works great as a background and store ambiance. NPCs with clashing colors traveling the streets were often reused models and did not respond to their location. However, all of this has come together to support the life experience of Vito’s story. The nostalgic licensed songs themselves fill the vibe of the wandering city.

Mafia II is a must-have for those who love cinematography. The game in the city will feel limited, but its status will urge you to continue the story. Despite the strong emphasis on the building, it is still an exciting world to hear the mafia drama.

Key Features Of Mafia 2 Torrent:

  • The game is based on myth, and many cars will be played as licensed music.
  • Depending on the course of the game
  • It is treated differently during the game lesson
  • Chapter One is most likely to be on the road in the snow
  • Previous game of Thompson submachine submarine and pump-action rifle.
  • MG 42 also appears in this Mafia II game.
  • Mafia 2 full version real game engine created by cut scenes.
  • The rider and the beginner will be driving the same car and wearing clothes.
  • There is something different like opening the Empire Arms Hotel.
  • Mafia II took place in the early 1950s in a separate American city town
  • Including Sicily, during the last days.
  • The city is located in the United States and is divided into several districts and buildings and a large port city.
  • As you would expect from a game about the world of organized crime, beatings are a necessary part of daily life.
  • The boy in charge of the vest refused to comply with the Family’s demands, but he changed his mind after drinking the noise.
  • World War II rifles, such as the MP40 and the M3 Grease Gun, will be available, but Tommy rifles will be our preferred weapon.
  • It would not have been a mafia game without Tommy’s gun.
  • Police will be on hand, ready to attack unsuspecting players.
  • Happily, you can bribe them to ignore your mistakes.
  • Don’t just let them get the body pressed into the trunk, or you’ll be in trouble.
  • A wide range of vintage music will be available to listen to as you drive 50 or more real cars.
  • Last time we had Django Reinhardt playing on our radios, so will we have Richard and little Chuck Berry on this one?
  • The game’s tone will be darker and darker compared to the original.
  • Much work has been done on producing seasonal quality achievements, not the version prepared for the team that went to the first game.
  • Hopefully, there won’t be anything like a tough race from the first game.
  • We think 2K Czech has learned that lesson and will forgive a bit of a race that needs to be done.

What’s New?

  • Exciting story
  • Advanced combat weapons
  • Amazing world design
  • Lots of customization options
  • NPCs are simple
  • Limited open land
  • An empty game compared to the story

Mafia 2 Gameplay Screenshots

Mafia 2 Highly Compressed
Mafia 2 Highly Compressed

How to Install?

  • Download. 
  • Install. 
  • Restart system. 
  • Open the game. 
  • Play. 
  • Done and enjoy. 


Mafia 2 Torrent is based on myth, and there are many cars that will be played as licensed music. Depending on the course of the game, it is treated differently during the game lesson; Chapter One is most likely to be on the road in the snow. Previous game of Thompson submachine submarine and pump-action rifle.

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