Burnout Paradise Highly Compressed For Pc Game Download

Download Burnout Paradise (582 MB) Full Game RAR File

Burnout Paradise Highly Compressed game with all of the great gameplay and added enhancements specifically for Pc and Android devices. You can cruise the streets of Paradise City at night with some night and daytime cycles. There is nothing like racing at night. The Ultimate Box of Paradise Burnout also includes motorcycles for the new thrill ride. Take on seventy new motorbikes-specific challenges. At the start of the game, two bikes are available, including Nakamura Fire hawk V4 and FV 1100, with additional rides that can be unlocked. We have also added dynamic weather that features a lot of new conditions. You have never experienced a challenge like The Burnout Paradise game. Download the game today for the PC and Android devices.

Gameplay of Burnout Paradise Free Download Pc Game

No racing game is complete without an amazing locale and Big Surf Island and Burnout Paradise game with some of the best, including NFS: Most Wanted. In the game, you’ll find a lot of other compelling locales, including bridges, train tracks, tunnels, parking garages, a hydroelectric plant, and an observatory.

Burnout Paradise Highly Compressed Pc Game was released in 2008 for the computer system Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it is one of the best games, so it makes sense to the gamers that Burnout Paradise remastered version is even better. Paradise City map is as enjoyable and great as ever, whether you are driving around or completing many events. 

Paradise City Torrent Download is the most dangerous and largest setting for the best-selling Burnout series. The huge setting gives the players an open-ended globe to explore as they race their cars through 100s of miles on roads and underground passages with more than seventy different cars.

Burnout Paradise Torrent For Pc Game Download 2022

The openness of the Burnout Paradise Gameworld allows you to travel around the city, crash into a stream of cars, participate in numerous races and drive sections at speed. Aggressive and remarkable driving stimulates the fact that the accelerating turbo increase accumulates for damage to the rival and risky stunts.

In the Burnout Paradise Free Download Pc Game, your main goal and aim are to complete events and unlock new motorcars on your way to upgrading your driver’s license. For Big Surf Island, your progress is measured through a percentage of how many events you win. Each license of game upgrade needs you to get through a certain number of events. You unlock better cars as your progress. Other racers become more aggressive in later stages, too. You must respond in kind and learn all the routes if you do not want to be left in the dust.

Speed through the streets, racking up points saved your driver’s license. Earn the Burnout license by smashing through jumping ramps and billboards and sustaining crashes. Test the limits of your skills in the game and endurance as you push the boundaries of speed. Smash through and use the open city to find shortcuts. Leave your rivals in the dust and explain your route to the victory – or crash out in devastating effect.

Burnout Paradise Highly Compressed Full Version Key Features:

  • Burnout Paradise Pc game includes both local and online multiplayer modes.
  • You’ll easily get to choose how many players are participating.
  • You will choose the number of rounds and the event type and fail and pass conditions.
  • The rest of the soundtrack features artists in the game, such as Brand New, Jimmy Eat World, LCD Sound system, and Sound garden.
  • The game’s soundtrack is so impressive and amazing that it complements Burnout fun.
  • Burnout Paradise game thankfully includes some amazing graphics with new textures, lighting, and shadow effects.
  • The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X platforms also support 4K and high-quality resolution and sixty frames per second gameplay.

Burnout Paradise Gameplay Screenshots

Burnout Paradise Highly Compressed
Burnout Paradise Highly Compressed

Burnout Paradise System Requirements:

  • Supported Operating System: Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • Processor: 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 XP 
  • Memory: One GB RAM XP / 1.5 GB Vista
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible 
  • Chipsets: Nvidia 6600 or greater
  • Sound Required: DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • Hard Drive: Four GB of free hard disk drive space or more

How To Download and Install Highly Compressed Burnout Paradise PC Game?

I’ll show you how to install the Burnout Paradise Highly Compressed game. The game will allow you to unlock all the missions and a hundred percent complete game progress with unlimited money and gold.

  • First of all, click on the download button.
  • Now let the download begin and wait for a while to finish.
  • Once Burnout Paradise is done, right-click on the .zip file
  • Click on the “Extract to Burnout Paradise game.
  • Double click inside the Burnout Paradise and run the .exe application.
  • Have fun and play the game! Make sure to run the Burnout Paradise game as administrator.


Burnout Paradise Pc Game Download is an arcade racing game, the significant features of which are an open-world game and more than 100 ways to ditch a car. Makers from Criterion Games were among the first to realize that the car is also suitable for other entertainment and tournament races.

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